Tips & Tricks: Getting your News Article Posted

Posting your news is visibility for our members and greater SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the very website that hosts your article. In other words, we love getting your news and events through our website. Keep them coming!

Would you like to Advertise?
If you’d like to advertise with a banner ad on our website, newsletter or monthly postcard, please email Alice Barfield or call her at (609) 924-1776 x 107.

NOTE: We cannot post your article if:

  • If your text/copy is under 300 words
  • If you do not include high resolution photographs and/or supporting graphics (your flyers or logo do not qualify)
  • If your images are low resolution (under 800 pixels in width)
  • Your article or event is clearly advertorial or selling a product/service
  • You have already posted a news article or event in the same week
  • You are not a current member of the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce (become a member here)

Still want to post your article? Here are some of the posts that perform well on our website:

  • Company Promotions
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
  • New Hires
  • New Branch/Location Openings
  • New Breakthroughs, Discoveries, Inventions or Innovations
  • Success Stories
  • Intern Experiences
  • Business Articles / Blogs
  • Information Sharing
  • Company Acquisitions/Mergers

Still ready to post on our website?