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Catharine Vaucher: The Suppers Programs Dir. of Operations

The Suppers Programs announces the hiring of Catharine Vaucher as new Director of Operations

The Suppers Programs announces the hiring of Catharine Vaucher as new Director of Operations

The Suppers Programs is a Princeton-based “social profit” organization with the mission to provide safe and friendly settings where anyone, especially people with food-related health challenges, can develop and manage their own personal transitions to a healthier life.

Based on twelve years of successful programming and a track record of positive heath turnarounds, the demands for Suppers’ programs has steadily increased. With up to 40 meetings each month, facilitator training and several annual community events, the Board of Trustees sought a Director of Operations to translate the mission into expansion opportunities, address growth challenges and manage the day-to-day operations. Board President Herb Mertz said, “There was a pool of qualified applicants, and with the assistance of a recruiter the Board hired Catharine Vaucher to work with the Board, staff and volunteers to effectively and sustainably grow our services in the community.”

“We wanted to hire someone for a job that didn’t exist yet,” said Founder Dorothy “Dor” Mullen. “In Catharine Vaucher we saw a combination of relevant experience from previous jobs with resilience and a sense of adventure about working with a startup. We were looking for a resourceful person of good will, and that’s what we found in Catharine.”

Catharine Vaucher has 15 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector for which she has served in leadership roles in marketing, fundraising, strategic planning, and evaluation/measurement. For eight years she served as Director of Development & Marketing at Hitops where she created and managed Princeton Half Marathon. She is passionate about the nonprofit sector and in addition to volunteering and consulting, she has taught several classes on leadership, fundraising, and strategic visioning through Mercer County Community College and the Support Center for Nonprofit Management.

Catharine offered, “I am honored to work with Dorothy, the Board and the small group of dedicated and enthusiastic staff during this exciting phase in the organization’s development.” She went on to say, “Years ago a friend took me to a Suppers meeting where I learned over time how I could eliminate chronic migraines and mood swings just by making some simple changes to my diet. I knew then it was love at first bite.”

ABOUT The Suppers Programs
Suppers is a learn-by-doing program where participants learn to cook, taste and feel their way to vibrant health. The organization’s signature program—the Suppers meeting—takes place in kitchens throughout the community. Founder Dor Mullen and trained facilitators guide participants in conducting personal food experiments related to their health issue and making observations as to how they feel.

An independent survey of current and past participants showed that as a result of the program they “feel energized,” “reversed chronic health problems,” “feel satisfied and lost food cravings,” “enjoy food that makes them well,” “experience less depression and anxiety,” and “reduced the need for medications.”

The Suppers Programs partner with several other nonprofits to further its reach into the community. Recently Suppers and the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey presented Sourcing Health Locally as a forum for bringing together farmers, cooks, food consumers and medical practitioners to make close connections between the food system and the health care system. One hundred and fifty people attended the event that included a keynote presentation on environmental chemicals, featured presentations on memory loss and dementia, several break-out sessions, and of course, a delicious Suppers lunch. Suppers largest annual event, Taste of Suppers, is hosted by Princeton Public Library and features speakers and theme-related foods. Whole Earth Center and Terra Momo Restaurant Group sponsor this community event.

ABOUT the Founder and HISTORY of The Suppers Program
The idea of Suppers started 16 years ago when Dor Mullen was studying addictions counseling at The College of New Jersey. In examining the problem of health and the food supply, she asked psychologists and therapists if they knew of a free-to-users support group that does for the physical body what 12-step groups, such as AA, do for the minds and spirits of their members. Because there were no such groups, Dor designed a program with the near-term goal of helping people in recovery from addiction and the long-term goal of working with anyone whose health issues included food-driven blood sugar regulation and mood chemistry problems.

With only her own kitchen for bricks and mortar, she developed the tenets of the program: a non-judgmental environment and supportive community around shared intentions to lead a healthier life. Within that safe environment, people learn how to cook and eat, set goals for lifestyle changes and monitor progress towards those changes, and share their stories of trying to improve their nutritional status.