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StimulusBrand member, Tom McManimon publishes “The Position Player”

The Position Player recounts the details of a high school football team as it competes to win its first game after 19 losses in a row. While seemingly outmatched, their preparation and pre-game knowledge of their competition prepares the team to compete, and WIN! The lessons learned in athletic competition carry forward into business. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses while understanding the characteristics, behaviors, and identities that comprise your competitive landscape, can reveal opportunities to boldly differentiate your brand and position yourself to win.

This book introduces “positioning” as a key element to success in business and what can happen when your team has a strategic “Position Player” on board. Through the experiences and brand cases cited by Tom McManimon, learn the value of brand positioning. Find your unique place to shine and build your game plan to win the hearts, minds, wallets and loyalty of customers.



IT WAS A CRISP, BRIGHT SATURDAY MORNING in early September, 1976. The day that was about to unfold would be exciting, exhilarating, challenging and life-shaping.
What was about to take place inside 100 yards of lined turf was, to many, simply a high school football game. But to
me and my gridiron brothers, this was our moment!

Most of us had endured two straight seasons of sweat, tears, injury, frustration and flat-out failure. We lost many games over that period. In fact, we lost every game, nineteen straight. But somehow, none of us were defeated.

This season we had a new, highly touted coach to guide us. Coach “Chappy” Moore. He was recruited out of the Philadelphia Catholic league, where he won multiple championships.
And surely, with him, we were on the road to one for ourselves. Sporting slick new uniforms, we brimmed with anticipation of the success that usually comes with the arrival of a new coach and a new season.

We were excited. As a team, we knew we were ready. Each of us had a job to do. Just moments from now, in this one game, months of preparation would be tested. Would we make the grade? Would we finally taste sweet victory?

As we gazed across the field at our opponents geared up in red and black, they looked bigger than all of us—even menacing. How could we compete against that? After all, we were not yet a mature team. We didn’t spend time in the weight room building strength and bulking up. At first glance, we had to be one of the least-imposing teams in the league.
Still, we had the power of focus.

As an entire team, we huddled in prayer, asking for blessings and expressing grace, humility and gratitude for being placed in this position.
The whistle blew. Game time.

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