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Robbinsville Fit Body Boot Camp Now Open!

The much-anticipated day is finally here! Robbinsville Fit Body Boot Camp, located at 1095 Washington Blvd Suite 1075 in the Foxmoor Shopping Center has officially opened its doors for business on 1/7/19.

Owners Valerie Buccino and Evan Daly have been working diligently to get their fitness studio complete in order to help the residents of Robbinsville, Hamilton, Allentown, West Windsor and other surrounding communities achieve their health, wellness, and fitness goals in 2019!

The facility is a 3000sq space that features Dollamur flooring made exclusively for Fit Body Boot Camp, dumbbells from 5-50lbs, 6 pairs of 40ft muscle ropes, Titan Fitness plyo boxes, medicine balls, dead weight slam balls, a Torque Fitness rig, TRX suspension training, and more!

Head coach Valerie Buccino has unique workouts planned for the entire year so boot campers will never experience the same workout twice! The “Afterburn” workouts are based on the principles of high intensity interval training aka HIIT. They combine resistance training with cardiovascular training resulting in an increased metabolism for up to 32 hours after the workout concludes. The coaches give nutrition consultations in a one on one setting and provide motivation along with the other members of the FBBC family.

The style of training offered at Fit Body Boot Camp is results oriented. Classes are offered in the morning beginning at 5:30AM and the last class begins at 7PM. There is a class to fit every schedule! The classes are 30 minutes long so members are able to take that small amount of time during their busy days to take care of themselves. There is a community feel to the gym where members meet new friends and hold each other accountable. Members get used to seeing the same faces daily, get to know each other well and look forward to completing the challenging workouts together.

Right now, the facility is offering their last dozen charter memberships. The charter membership offer is only available to the first 25 people and there are currently 15 charter members before the doors to FBBC had even opened! Interested consumers can visit www.robbinsvillefbbc.com to sign up for 3 free workouts, call the facility at (609) 240-7309, or just stop in at any time to speak with a coach or try a class.

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THe Robbinsville Fit Body Boot Camp Team