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Lunch & Learn Hosted by Rao Legal Group, LLC

RAO LEGAL GROUP, LLC is hosting it’s quarterly Lunch & Learn seminar on Thursday, December 13th from 12p-1p at its Princeton office located at 14 Farber Road, Princeton NJ 08540! We will be discussing the importance of completing an Estate Plan and how having a proper plan in place ensures a person’s objectives are fulfilled in terms of succession planning.

Rekha Rao

Who should consider Estate Planning? Anyone who has:
• Assets they wish to pass onto the next generation
• Concerns about what happens if they are no longer competent to handle their own affairs
• Young children or special needs family members who are unable to manage their inheritances due to their own incapacity
• A blended family who may require preferential treatment for inheriting assets
• Properties in multiple states that will require probate in all of those states; or
• Medical issues that may trigger the need for government assistance.

Mention this circulation and take advantage of a 1-hour free consultation!

Rao Legal Group, LLC (“RLG”) is committed to helping clients of all income levels and walks of life with their estate planning and elder law needs. For low to mid-level income families, RLG will coordinate both private and public resources to help pay for the astronomical costs of long term care. For higher net worth clients, RLG can establish advanced and sophisticated estate plans with a goal towards achieving a tax efficient disposition of assets upon death or an orderly succession plan in the event of incapacity.

This post will expire at 1:00pm on Thursday December 13th, 2018