Launching The Face Campaign; Photographs of Confidence

Kapu Patel Photography ( hosted a gallery exhibit for The Face Campaign on Friday, June 15th 2018. This exhibit was to highlight portraits of 12 women who were confident enough to be professionally photographed, completely make-up free. This exhibit was attended by over 50 local supporters and it was extremely well received by the community.
To quote a male attendee: “Deep down we all want to be seen and heard, acknowledged and appreciated. These beautiful portraits remind us that we have the recognition from within and we just need the courage to let it shine. Beautiful and real!”

More about this campaign can be found in this video:

Kapu who is also a Yoga Practitioner and Teacher, created The Face Campaign to challenge the notion of beauty as it relates to self-acceptance. In her own words: “People like to compare themselves to the ideal of beauty as is defined by social media and society today. Somewhere along the way, we learned that a beautiful face is perfectly symmetrical and flawless. And often times we do not feel comfortable stepping out in public without our defined notion of beauty and make-up. This is not a project that bashes make-up or negates people who love wearing make-up. It’s about taking a small step (and for some, a giant leap) towards greater self- awareness and believing, “I am beautiful” as I am. It is about showing people that beauty shines from within.”

The participants who showed up for the Face Campaign while hesitant at first, grew relaxed over the duration of the photo shoot and completely forgot they were being professionally photographed make-up free! We interviewed each one of these 12 women after the photo shoot to understand what motivated them to participate and talk about their experience. They described it in powerful words such as “confidence”, “showing up real”, and “inner self”.

Kapu’s vision is to take this movement far and wide to inspire and touch as many individuals as she can. The studio is currently seeking gallery space in local corporations or businesses for short-term exhibits and grant funding to photograph more women, more individuals, and in particular teens.

You can view more of Kapu Patel’s work here: