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J&M’s Digital Ads Yield 196 new patients for Women’s Healthcare of Princeton

J&M Marketing Communications’ digital ads bring in 196 new patients in one month to Women’s Healthcare of Princeton

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These were 196 actual appointments made by new patients.

The ad campaign started with J&M Marketing Communications looking into research about how menopausal women felt they were treated by doctors and other medical staff. Turns out many of those women felt they were lumped into a category. Which they didn’t like. (In fact, unless a category is extremely desirable, most people don’t particularly like being put in one.)

At J&M we used that information to create digital ads with headlines like ”Women’s Healthcare of Princeton Where menopause isn’t a category. It’s you.”

For advertising to work, it has to be true, and Woman’s Healthcare of Princeton is attuned to each woman’s unique menopause experience. Now, 196 more women will enjoy that attention.

Running digital ads online is in line with modern media trends. According to Ad Age Magazine, 82% of all advertisers plan to increase their online location-based advertising, which allows advertisers to reach prospects where they live. After we created the ads at J&M, we researched local media platforms and chose one that was able to reach people with the demographics we wanted.

National advertisers are spending millions at media companies that drill down and get more and information about prospects before reaching out with online advertising. But targeting is just the beginning. The ad content needs to be strategically sound and get to the point quickly — like “We listen to you.”

Advertisers need to think about what their prospects want to hear, rather than what they want to say. Advertising that doesn’t pay attention to prospects’ needs is most likely to fail. J&M’s message was clear and focused. The results say that we understood what the doctors’ prospects, menopausal women, wanted and needed.

Recently the creative head of an international advertising agency expressed what we at J&M believe. She wrote, “Let’s rekindle a love for advertising. It’s the most powerful economic-driver, business problem-solver, culture-changing, dream-maker in the world.”

Even in today’s digital world, advertising is more than click throughs and keywords. It’s people talking to people. Advertisers should be proud they may make someone’s dreams come true. And they need to let their clients and prospects know that they share a bond, a commitment to each other.