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J&M Marketing Communications Switches Roles With Client

This time of year J&M’s client Muirhead Foods does an about face and becomes our go-to source for gifts we need. They could be the same for you. So here’s a shout out for J&M client Muirhead Foods. If you don’t know Muirhead, they are right down the road in Trenton run by the second generation of a food-loving family. You’ve probably seen — maybe even bought their Pecan Pumpkin Butter in Williams Sonoma.

The Pecan Pumpkin Butter made Muirhead a cult classic among foodies. You can also pick up a jar in Princeton stores like Lucy’s Ravioli and, of course, order it online at

While you’re online look around to see what else strikes your fancy. The Apricot Jalapeno Jelly has a smooth taste with a “gotcha” bite. Package it with crackers and goat cheese for a nice hostess gift. At the opposite end of the taste spectrum is the Chocolate Raspberry Sauce. Its ingredient list includes Chocolate and Chambord. The sauce works best on ice cream — or by itself at the end of a spoon.

Browse some more and discover Muirhead’s three-mustard combo. The Horseradish Mustard won an award at the Napa Valley Mustard Festival. My taste-arbiter sister-in-law says the Dijon Mustard is the best on the market.

It’s prudent to keep a jar or two for yourself and holiday friends and family. Serve chardonnay wine jelly with a very mild brie and plain table water crackers. That’ll generate Christmas coziness and well-being that the Danish call hygge and the Germans call gemutlich.

The skinny: That’s why Muirhead makes a Spiced Apple Butters with just the juice from apples.

So a gift basket for that corporation you’re courting, cover all the taste bases with Jalapeno Jelly, Dark Chocolate Sauce, and Spiced Apple Butter.

More information can be found at