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Evolving World @ D&R Greenway: Science: Lemonick; Music: Guarnaccia

D&R Greenway Land Trust invites the public to “An Evolving World,” on Tuesday, November 27. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. The program will take place from 7 until 8:30 p.m. Sam Guarnaccia, composer, and Michael Lemonick, science writer, will discuss the human impact upon our evolving world, with particular emphasis upon the environment. In addition to this lively dialogue, The Evolving World audience will be treated to a video of the Oratorio. D&R Greenway Land Trust, One Preservation Place, Princeton off Rosedale Road 08540 609 924 4646

Sam Guarnaccia, composer, is celebrated for his moving Emergent Universe Oratorio (EUO). In summer of 2018, D&R Greenway arranged a post-performance reception at Villanova University for this scintillating work. Choirs of both Villanova and Guarnaccia’s own Middlebury College were featured. The oratorio explores eternity, infinity and the interconnectedness of all life. Emergent Universe begins at the “beginning of everything — the Big Bang,” Guarnaccia reveals. “Or, as Swimme and Guarnaccia term that process, ‘the Great Flaring Forth.’”

Michael Lemonick opinion editor at Scientific American, was also senior staff writer at Climate Central. This former senior science writer at Time Magazine has more than fifty cover stories to his credit. His work has also graced Discover, Yale Environment 360 and Scientific American. Lemonick’s books on science and astrophysics include The Georgian Star; Echo of the Big Bang, Other Worlds: The Search for Life in the Universe, [6] and Mirror Earth: The Search for Our Planet’s Twin. Michael’s favorite pastime other than writing about science is playing traditional folk music.

Guarnaccia has crafted his powerful composition to remind us “that we are irrevocably, interconnected with each other, with all life systems. This is the greatest story there is.” D&R Greenway has paired the composer with the scientific writer, Guarnaccia explains, because “a satisfyingly scientific superstructure supports the piece’s spirituality. Its ‘godfather’ is Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.” Guarnaccia is quite clear on the significance of science to his own work. “I’m not talking about something magical,” the composer insists. “It is the science of this story that links everyone on the planet,” he declares.
Son of Princeton University physics professor and administrator Aaron Lemonick[8] and native of Princeton, New Jersey, Michael Lemonick was graduated from Princeton High School, earning degrees at Harvard University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He teaches communications and journalism at Princeton University. Lemonick resides in Princeton with his wife Eileen Hohmuth-Lemonick, legendary Princeton Day School photography instructor.

Throughout his composition process, Guarnaccia corresponded intensively with environmentalist / poet / author, Wendell Berry; environmental activist, author, Buddhist scholar, expert in general systems theory and deep ecology, Joanna Macy; scholar/philosophers Mary Evelyn Tucker and Brian Swimme of Yale, as well as Middlebury neighbor and environmentalist Bill McKibben. He secured permission to use their writings, along with poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke and Gerard Manley Hopkins, in creating the EUO. The composer credits this array of partners as ‘contributors’. Inspired by the film Journey of the Universe by Mary Evelyn Tucker and Brian Swimme, the EUO was first performed in the Great Breeding Barn at Shelburne Farms, Vermont in September of 2013. Its world premiere took place in Cleveland, Ohio in 2017.

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