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Education Discussion and Work Session with F. Joseph Merlino

Education Discussion and Work Session with F. Joseph Merlino from the Greater Philadelphia STEAM Initiative

The Roebling Museum is proud to present another installment of its monthly, Saturday Lecture Series. On Saturday, November 4th at 1pm, F. Joseph Merlino president of The 21st Century Partnership for STEM Education will present a forum and discussion on “The City as Classroom: A New Vision of Public Urban High Schools for the Twenty-first Century.

Imagine a school as a place where learning is informed by regional business and industry clusters, designed by leading regional educators, integrated across disciplines, shared across grade levels and courses, supported by coordinated programs at leading museums and arts, cultural and scientific organizations, and reinforced by parents and community partners. Imagine students discovering the importance of physics by understanding how automobiles, airplanes and ships move, or understanding the history of our great region by exploring its unique geography, culture, and history and economic and political significance. Now imagine being able to take these ideas and apply them to your own classroom and teaching. Are you able to design an immersive, integrated curriculum for your students, either elementary, middle school or high school? Curriculum matters! Let’s discuss why are we teaching what we are teaching, and how we can help our students understand this purpose and apply it to their lives as they grow and learn.

Join the Roebling Museum and Joe Merlino for a forum and open discussion on this and other STEM education related issues. How can we improve and re-design our STEM curricula? We need YOU in the room to help answer that question! Great forum for all K-12 teachers and school leaders, STEM/STEAM professionals, cultural institutions, education program directors, teaching artists, and college professors and students.