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Cybersecurity and Information Risk Training Event

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Every day, you read about another breach or data leak from a major company. How many small companies have had data stolen and it doesn’t get reported? Is your company one of them? Keeping your information secure requires understanding and knowledge about the ways that others attain your data.

This two day program will provide the essential knowledge and skills needed for basic cybersecurity, protection, and resilience in business enterprise environments.

In this Cybersecurity Program, you will learn:
• Fundamentals of Information Risk, Cyber Security, and Data Protection;
• Fundamental Cybersecurity Frame Works and Controls;
• How to protect DATA;
• Cryptographic Basics;
• Governance, Risk, And Compliance (GRC) Requirements.

Upon completion of the program, you will understand:
• Risk Assessment and Data Protection
• How to implement security solutions and Cloud Security
• GRC, Protocols, and techniques
• How to implement and utilize Cybersecurity skills in different organizations

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This Program will start at 9 AM and go until 5PM on April 14th and 15th, 2018.
PamTen offices, 5 Independence Way, Princeton, NJ 08854

****For more Information and registration fees you can contact us at****
contact@pamten.com and 609 643 4228 x 101