March 19, 2018 Share

City of Trenton Creates Partnership with Trenton Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Initiative

Trenton Mayor, Eric E. Jackson

Over the past two years, the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Initiative has employed over 300 youth age 16 – 21 in summer jobs in government, nonprofit, and private sector organizations. In this collaboration with the Mayor, the City provides jobs, nonprofit partners provide jobs, and private sector partners contribute a job or money to pay participating youth a stipend for six weeks of work over the summer.

This year we are excited to have created a partnership with the Capital Region Minority Chamber of Commerce and the MidJersey Chamber of Commerce working together to support the Mayor’s Summer Employment initiative.  We also are thrilled that Millhill Child & Family Development returns to the team bringing their expertise and strong relationship with the non-profit community. 

Employers recognized the preparedness and professionalism of those placed with them.   The summer youth interns understood that they are not just getting a summer job, but an experience they can apply to their careers. Once again we are partnering with Rider University’s to train our summer interns.

Please join the Honorable Mayor Eric Jackson, summer interns from last year and the Mercer County Chamber’s leadership on April 4th from 9:00 to 10:00 AM for a light breakfast and press conference at the Atrium at City Hall.  Be part of the 2018 Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program.  The cost of providing employment for one youth is approximately $2,000 and all funds donated will go toward employing youth in non-profit job opportunities.  This year we are making a push to increase our for-profit job enrollment.  If you would consider creating a job yourself, consistent with your own employment practices, in addition to or in lieu of a donation, that would be greatly appreciated.

Please do not hesitate to contact Peter Crowley President and CEO of the Princeton Regional Chamber at 609-924-1776 Ext. 101 regarding the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Initiative. Any support you can give this program will directly benefit city youth. There are many investments being made in Trenton right now, but your investment in Trenton’s young people is most important.  

All donations can be made to the Millhill Foundation and sent to Millhill Foundation, 101 Oakland Street, Trenton, NJ 08618.